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15 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Heating and Cooling Needs

September 30, 2019

By jdpp1

Before your air conditioning technician arrives, start brainstorming about your needs in a home cooling system. Your needs for a home heating and cooling system will differ from your next-door neighbor and the neighbor at the other end of the block. Our expert technicians can help you find the best system for your needs. Begin thinking about your system by answering the following questions:

  1. How much longer do we plan on owning this home?
  2. How important is indoor air quality to us? Does anyone have allergies or smoke?
  3. If the air conditioner needs to be replaced, should we replace the furnace too (or vice versa)?
  4. Have we added onto our home since the last system was installed?
  5. Are we considering adding on anytime in the future?
  6. Are there any rooms that don’t heat/cool properly?
  7. Is our air conditioner/furnace noisy?
  8. Do we regularly and routinely replace our air filters?
  9. When is the last time anyone’s inspected our ducts and vents? Do we need an air duct cleaning?
  10. Do we routinely have semi-annual system check-ups?
  11. Would it be wise to consider an annual ac maintenance service program?
  12. Do we want to control the system from our smartphones?
  13. How important is the lowest possible utility bill to us?
  14. Do we want the ability to get service 24/7/365?
  15. How important are warranties? Do we want a standard warranty or an extended warranty?

When you answer these questions, the team at Comfort Air will have a better idea of your needs and can make the best recommendation for you and your family. At Comfort Air, your comfort is what we value. Give us a call to speak with an expert about how we can help you stay comfortable all year long. Whether you need ac maintenance service or ac and heating repair, our team is standing by to help!

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