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Heater Installation & Replacement

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Savannah Heater Installation & Replacement

When to Replace Your Heater

Most heating systems last up to 20 years, giving a solid and productive lifespan. However, if a heater starts to go out before then, you may want to consider replacing it. Here are some factors that contribute to the need for replacement:

  • Your pump is over 20 years old and showing signs of wear
  • Consistent increase in energy bills even without significant changes in your lifestyle
  • Heater is continuously emitting strange, loud noises
  • Pilot light is yellow or a rotten egg smell hangs in the air while operating the heater
  • your home is experiencing increased humidity

Replacing a heater can seem like a daunting task, it does not have to be. At Comfort Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we have served thousands of customers with heater replacement issues like yours. Our Savannah heater installation professionals can guide you in the decision-making process.

Explore your options by calling us at (912) 712-4800. We can help you make an informed decision!

Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Heater

When it is time to replace your old or faulty heater, you can rely on our Savannah heating technicians to help you select the right heating system for you. We have 40 years of experience and have worked on all the major brands and models of heating systems. Our certified team takes the time to learn about your comfort goals and specific needs, so we can make the best recommendations.

Below are the factors we consider when recommending a replacement heater for you:

  • Correct sizing
  • Available warranties
  • Fuel source or whether you prefer gas, electric, or oil powered system
  • System type or whether you want a split system or packaged system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Available rebate and incentives
  • Budget

Reach Out to Our Savannah Heater Installation Experts Today!

We understand the stress that replacing a heater can cause. Our skilled technicians care and want to ensure that your needs are met with the most excellent service possible.

When it comes to heater installation in Savannah, there are different types of heaters you can pick. Explore the pros and cons of gas and electric heaters below in order for you to be able to make an informed decision alongside your Savannah heater installation professional.

Gas Heaters

  • Since oil bills are cheaper than electric bills, these heaters are cheaper to run
  • These heaters provide strong heat very quickly. An ideal fit for colder climates
  • Since gas combustion generates carbon monoxide, you will need to install a carbon monoxide alarm
  • If you do not already have the infrastructure for gas, it could be very expensive
  • To get rid of carbon monoxide, gas heaters require flues and a chimney which will result in more heat loss
  • Gas furnaces usually have a lifespan of 10-20 years, which is less than electric heaters
  • Gas heaters tend to make more sounds than electrical heaters

Electric Heaters

  • Electric furnaces are usually less expensive to install
  • Since there is no gas combustion, electric heaters do not generate carbon monoxide
  • Because there is no need to ventilate carbon monoxide, these units are more energy efficient because they lose less heat
  • There is no gas line needed and your house already has electricity most likely
  • These units survive longer than gas heaters. Electric heaters have a lifespan of 30 years or more.
  • These units do not make as much noise as gas heaters
  • Since electricity is not cheap, electrical heaters are more expensive each month
  • Electric heaters do not pump out as much heat as gas heaters

From heat pump installation to AC and heat repair, Comfort Air offers a wide range of services to keep your home comfortable year round. Contact us today to schedule a visit from a Savannah heater installation expert!

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Caleb Kitchings

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I cannot recommend Comfort Air enough. Technician Robbie McCullough is a professional in every sense of the word. Our system was well serviced, thoroughly inspected, and runs like a champ. I never felt like I was being "sold" anything additional but made aware of possible issues that may arise in the future, allowing me to budget appropriately. I'll remain a Comfort Air customer for as long as we live in the Richmond Hill/Savannah area.

Robert Dietz

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We consistently receive prompt, courteous service from your office staff in scheduling our appointments. Our most recent visit was made by Chris. He was very thorough & professional and went out of his way to explain everything he did and what he found. He even checked out a new roof-top fan that we had recently installed as part of replacing our roof. Thanks for keeping our systems operating reliably! Comfort Air continues to exceed our expectations.

Jill Griffin

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Robbie and Aaron were professional and did a great job rerouting my ducting for ease of access to my water heater. Robbie evaluated and improved the design of my current filtration system which will now help with overall efficiency and cleanliness in my home and my AC unit. He also was able to troubleshoot and solve an issue in one room of my house. I highly recommend Comfort Air. They have been working on my system for 25 years. Renee and Cynthia ALWAYS provide excellent scheduling and assistance with all of my AC needs. They are terrific!

Reba Hester

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Glad I changed AC service companies. Comfort Air has exceeded my expectations in both routine services and in installations. All service personnel have been professional in both technical and personal skills. Darren, Aaron, Miguel and Robbie are all 5 star service personnel and the front office is efficient.

Thea Pallay

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I have used Comfort Air for years. They have been responsive every time I’ve called. Of course, I maintain a service contract with them. Their technician, Robbie, is wonderful. He is easy to understand and takes pictures to back up any problems he encounters. No company is perfect but Comfort Air does stand behind their work and makes it right.

Lady D

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I have been using this company for quite some time. The HVAC technician, Christopher, came out and did a fantastic job. He had great customer service skills and explained everything that he was going to do!