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If your air conditioner is failing, contact Comfort Air Heating & Air Conditioning right away! Our NATE-certified repair technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, ready to provide air conditioning installation and replacement in Savannah.

We work around the clock to meet your indoor comfort needs. With over 40 years of experience, our team can be trusted to provide quick, reliable, and professional air conditioning installations in Savannah.

If you are searching for “air conditioning service near me,” look no further than Comfort Air Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us at (912) 712-4800 or contact us online for AC installation services today!

Helping You Select The Right AC for Your Specific Cooling Needs

We install and replace a variety of different cooling systems, including:

  • Central air conditioners– This type of cooling system circulates cool air through your home using grilled openings in walls, floors, or ceilings. As the air warms, the air returns to the central air conditioner and helps to dehumidify the house.
  • Ductless, mini-split air conditioners– For room add-ons, multifamily housing, or small apartments, a ductless, mini split air conditioner can be the ideal solution. This cooling system uses two main components connected by a conduit: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor unit.
  • Room air conditioners– Unlike a central unit which cools an entire home, room air conditioners cool individual rooms. These units can be plugged into a 15 or 20 amp, 115-volt circuit. They are less expensive than central units; however, their efficiency is typically lower than central air conditioners.

3 Signs You Need AC replacement

Determining the right moment to replace your AC unit can be difficult. Many homeowners struggle with questions like these–Could it be repaired? Could I squeeze a few more years out of my current unit?

Ideally, you should replace your unit every 10 to 15 years. Based upon our 40+ years in the business, we wanted to share a few warning signs to look out for to determine whether your unit needs to be replaced.

  • No Cold Air Is Coming From Your Unit – Your AC may need to be replaced when no cold air is coming from the unit; however, your unit could just be low on freon or have a broken compressor. Call our expert Savannah AC replacement team and set up an appointment for an inspection. If an air conditioner repair is possible and practical, we will let you know.
  • Moisture & Leakage Around Unit – Condensation is normal around any AC unit, but when you notice that there is a large amount of leakage, it could represent a much larger issue. If you have a refrigerant leak or notice large pools of water around the unit, this issue may need to be addressed as soon as possible. A coolant leak can pose a health risk to you and your household. Call us as soon as possible if you notice these signs.
  • Strange Noises Coming From The Unit – Do you hear grinding, rattling, or squealing sounds coming from your AC unit? Turn off your AC unit immediately and make sure to call one of our AC technicians to come and take a look at it. This could be a belt slipping or even a broken motor bearing. Ignoring that strange noise could cause bigger issues, more expensive repairs, or even replacement.

Our Savannah AC technicians ensure that the equipment that you choose functions well and fits your lifestyle and specific needs. With our help, you will find the most economical solution without compromising product quality.

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Whether installing your first AC unit or replacing your old, faulty unit, Comfort Air Heating & Air Conditioning works to match and exceed your expectations. With hundreds of jobs completed satisfactorily over the years, our Savannah AC Installation team has the experience to fulfill your needs.

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