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Air Conditioning Repair in Savannah, GA

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Air conditioners usually fail due to constant use. If yours has gone out during a sweltering summer day, reach out to schedule an appointment online right away. Our reliable technicians work around the clock to provide exceptional air conditioner repair services in Savannah, GA.

As a local company, we know how hot and humid it gets in this part of Georgia, which makes reliable air conditioning vital. Hiring our highly trained team for AC repairs ensures a prompt response, quality workmanship, and lasting results.

Stay cool and comfy this summer with Comfort Air! Call us at (912) 712-4800 or schedule an appointment online.

When to Call for AC Repair?

If your air conditioner is not turning on or blowing warm air, there is a problem. However, some AC issues are not always as obvious. Most of the time, your cooling system will only show subtle symptoms of disrepair. Call for AC repair in Savannah right away when:

  • You hear unusual sounds – If you hear grinding, scraping, or even squealing while the unit is running, a belt may be slipping out of place. If left unattended, the unusual noises could end up being a much bigger problem. Call our local Savannah air conditioner repair team for expert help.
  • You smell odd smells – Odd smells are not supposed to be coming out of your AC unit. A strong smell coming from your AC unit can indicate that the insulation on the wires has burned out. If you smell a musty odor, it could mean there is mold somewhere in the duct work or on the unit itself.
  • Your airflow is weak – Weak airflow is not ideal for circulating the air around the room. This could be a sign that your AC unit’s compressor is failing. Contact us today for professional air conditioner repair in Savannah.
  • Your energy bills have increased significantly – Have you noticed that your electric bill is double the cost? There could be multiple reasons why this happened, such as leaking ductwork, a broken thermostat switch, or the unit’s age is causing it to run inefficiently.
  • The AC is leaking – An AC leak often means that you have a refrigerant leak. Freon is a very poisonous liquid and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Call our professional Savannah AC repair technicians to access the help you need.

When you notice any of the signs above, turn to Comfort Air right away. We are available at any time of the day to solve your air conditioning problems.

Ways to Prevent Air Conditioner Breakdown

Having a broken air conditioner in the summer can be such a hassle for your comfort and your wallet. If you want to keep AC issues at bay, there are many ways to preserve your unit. Here are some helpful tips to keep your air conditioner efficient and reliable:

  • Do not skip on annual maintenance service
  • Regularly check and replace the filters when they are dirty
  • Schedule duct inspection and repair any holes or cracks
  • Clean and remove debris from around the outdoor unit
  • Install a programmable thermostat to reduce your cooling bills

If you have been looking for “AC repair near me,” Comfort Air provides professional air conditioner repair in Savannah. Our cooling technicians have been performing comprehensive maintenance services for years, so we can get your AC working like new again.

To schedule an appointment for AC services in Savannah, Pooler, or nearby, please call (912) 712-4800 or contact us online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an air conditioner repair cost?

AC repair costs vary depending on the issue, labor time, the unit’s warranty status, and the complexity of the repair. We offer free estimates for any system and are available at any time of the day to help. Please call (912) 712-4800

How often should my air conditioner be serviced?

Your AC unit should be serviced every six months. Our Savannah AC technicians recommend paying particular attention to your AC unit in the fall in preparation for wintertime.

Can you fix a leaking air conditioner compressor?

A leaking AC compressor is one of the more complex repairs, requiring special attention and expertise. Consistently higher indoor temperatures can be a strong indicator of a failing compressor. Be wary of adding more refrigerant, which can exacerbate the problem.

Why does it smell when I run my air conditioner?

Strong and abnormal smells from your AC unit can indicate that the insulation on the wires has burned out. Musty odors can signal the presence of microbial growth either in the ductwork or on the unit itself.

Why is my air conditioner making noise?

If your AC unit makes unusual sounds, you may have loose parts. Loose parts, such as a belt slipping out of place, cannot fix themselves and should be attended to before a significant issue arises. Get the expert help you need by calling our local Savannah air conditioner repair team.

Why is my air conditioner airflow weak?

Weak air conditioner airflow could signify a dirty filter, blower wheel, failing motor, or damaged ductwork – all of which can cause your unit’s evaporator coils to freeze. When the coils are frozen, airflow can be restricted.

Is a leaking air-conditioner dangerous?

While a leak in your air conditioner isn’t dangerous, it can cause unwanted damage. Leaks are often an indicator of a refrigerant leak in your AC unit. We recommend calling our professional Savannah AC technicians to handle the repair. While Freon itself is not considered toxic, it becomes a gas at room temperature, and due to oxygen displacement, it could harm living things close to the ground like babies and animals.


Caleb Kitchings

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I cannot recommend Comfort Air enough. Technician Robbie McCullough is a professional in every sense of the word. Our system was well serviced, thoroughly inspected, and runs like a champ. I never felt like I was being "sold" anything additional but made aware of possible issues that may arise in the future, allowing me to budget appropriately. I'll remain a Comfort Air customer for as long as we live in the Richmond Hill/Savannah area.

Robert Dietz

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We consistently receive prompt, courteous service from your office staff in scheduling our appointments. Our most recent visit was made by Chris. He was very thorough & professional and went out of his way to explain everything he did and what he found. He even checked out a new roof-top fan that we had recently installed as part of replacing our roof. Thanks for keeping our systems operating reliably! Comfort Air continues to exceed our expectations.

Jill Griffin

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

Robbie and Aaron were professional and did a great job rerouting my ducting for ease of access to my water heater. Robbie evaluated and improved the design of my current filtration system which will now help with overall efficiency and cleanliness in my home and my AC unit. He also was able to troubleshoot and solve an issue in one room of my house. I highly recommend Comfort Air. They have been working on my system for 25 years. Renee and Cynthia ALWAYS provide excellent scheduling and assistance with all of my AC needs. They are terrific!

Reba Hester

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Glad I changed AC service companies. Comfort Air has exceeded my expectations in both routine services and in installations. All service personnel have been professional in both technical and personal skills. Darren, Aaron, Miguel and Robbie are all 5 star service personnel and the front office is efficient.

Thea Pallay

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

I have used Comfort Air for years. They have been responsive every time I’ve called. Of course, I maintain a service contract with them. Their technician, Robbie, is wonderful. He is easy to understand and takes pictures to back up any problems he encounters. No company is perfect but Comfort Air does stand behind their work and makes it right.

Lady D

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

I have been using this company for quite some time. The HVAC technician, Christopher, came out and did a fantastic job. He had great customer service skills and explained everything that he was going to do!