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AC Maintenance

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Savannah AC Maintenance

Personalized AC Care & Maintenance

At Comfort Air Heating & Air Conditioning, our Savannah AC technicians are dedicated to keeping your air conditioning system functionally properly through preventative maintenance. We work to ensure that you have quality and healthy air circulating in your home, preventing aggravated allergies or discomfort. After 40 years in the business, our AC maintenance service remains the trusted and recommended choice in the local community.

Call today at (912) 712-4800 to discover the maintenance plan that can extend the life of your AC!

Common AC Problems That Maintenance Can Solve

Whether you run a central AC unit or a room AC unit, maintenance is essential for preserving and prolonging the life of your cooling system. Here are some common issues that our Savannah AC maintenance team can address:

  • Changing dirty air conditioning filters that can clog and reduce the efficiency of air flow
  • Resolving dusty evaporator and condenser coils that restrict proper air flow of your cooling system.
  • Correcting bent coil fins that can completely block the air flow
  • Restoring a weak or damaged seal between a room AC unit and window frame

Our Savannah AC technicians recommend annual maintenance for your unit during spring or a few days before summer begins to ensure a reliable system during those unbearable hot days. We can provide you with a thorough inspection, cleaning, as well as minor repair and tune-ups that can save you from costly repairs or unexpected system replacements. If you have been searching for a quality “air conditioning service near me,” Comfort Air Heating and Air Conditioning is the answer.

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We care about your AC unit running properly and efficiently, so that you can avoid untimely replacement. We have worked with the top manufacturers, Lennox and Bryant for 40 years, but we also have experience with nearly every other brand or type of heating and cooling equipment in existence. Lack of AC efficiency can cripple your energy bill. Our mission is to provide optimal cooling for your home, while keeping your energy bill manageable. Check out our list of energy saving tips to help you save even more money.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Are you too busy to keep up with all of your home maintenance? If so, professional AC maintenance services would be a great choice to help prevent any major repair costs. Here are some benefits of our Savannah AC maintenance services:

  • Helps prevent future high ac repair costs
  • Ensures a functioning air conditioning unit year round
  • Improves overall air quality
  • Minimizes costs for repair and installation services

Contact our Savannah AC technicians today at (912) 712-4800 to schedule a free second opinion or to explore maintenance options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is air conditioner maintenance necessary?

Maintenance is necessary to prolong your air conditioning unit's life and effectiveness. Our Savannah AC maintenance team can help address common issues by changing dirty air conditioners, cleaning dusty evaporator and condenser coils, correcting bent coil fins, and clearing drain lines to prevent clogs, overflow, or breakdowns.

How can I protect my outdoor air conditioning unit?

You can effectively protect your outside air conditioner, such as setting up a fence or cage around the unit and keeping your AC unit off while doing yardwork around it.

What temperature should I set on my air conditioner’s thermostat?

While the temperature of your home is a personal preference, 78º Fahrenheit is considered by the U.S. Department of Energy to be the ideal air conditioner setting for both energy savings and comfortable living.

Will cleaning my air conditioner filter make it colder?

Cleaning and replacing your air conditioner filter may not directly affect the temperature of the air, but a clogged filter will restrict airflow, preventing it from flowing into your home.

Do evaporator coils need to be cleaned?

To avoid airflow issues in your cooling system, evaporator coils should be regularly cleaned. We recommend scheduling a cleaning every six months.

What happens if my air conditioner coils are dirty?

Dirty coils can cause issues like restricted airflow, higher energy bills, and, in some cases, a broken-down air conditioning unit.


Caleb Kitchings

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

I cannot recommend Comfort Air enough. Technician Robbie McCullough is a professional in every sense of the word. Our system was well serviced, thoroughly inspected, and runs like a champ. I never felt like I was being "sold" anything additional but made aware of possible issues that may arise in the future, allowing me to budget appropriately. I'll remain a Comfort Air customer for as long as we live in the Richmond Hill/Savannah area.

Robert Dietz

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

We consistently receive prompt, courteous service from your office staff in scheduling our appointments. Our most recent visit was made by Chris. He was very thorough & professional and went out of his way to explain everything he did and what he found. He even checked out a new roof-top fan that we had recently installed as part of replacing our roof. Thanks for keeping our systems operating reliably! Comfort Air continues to exceed our expectations.

Jill Griffin

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

Robbie and Aaron were professional and did a great job rerouting my ducting for ease of access to my water heater. Robbie evaluated and improved the design of my current filtration system which will now help with overall efficiency and cleanliness in my home and my AC unit. He also was able to troubleshoot and solve an issue in one room of my house. I highly recommend Comfort Air. They have been working on my system for 25 years. Renee and Cynthia ALWAYS provide excellent scheduling and assistance with all of my AC needs. They are terrific!

Reba Hester

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

Glad I changed AC service companies. Comfort Air has exceeded my expectations in both routine services and in installations. All service personnel have been professional in both technical and personal skills. Darren, Aaron, Miguel and Robbie are all 5 star service personnel and the front office is efficient.

Thea Pallay

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

I have used Comfort Air for years. They have been responsive every time I’ve called. Of course, I maintain a service contract with them. Their technician, Robbie, is wonderful. He is easy to understand and takes pictures to back up any problems he encounters. No company is perfect but Comfort Air does stand behind their work and makes it right.

Lady D

star-rate-1 star-rate-2 star-rate-3 star-rate-4 star-rate-5

I have been using this company for quite some time. The HVAC technician, Christopher, came out and did a fantastic job. He had great customer service skills and explained everything that he was going to do!