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Heat Pump Replacement in Savannah

Is It Time to Replace Your Heat Pump?

If you think your heat pump is wearing out and probably due to being replaced, consider your options. Although you can keep repairing and maintaining a heat pump, it may be an empty investment if it is an older unit. Any combination of the factors below could indicate a need for heat pump replacement:

  • Is the pump 10-15 years old? That is the average length of a heat pump’s lifespan.
  • Is your pump blowing out hot air when it should be cold? It could be lagging in energy efficiency.
  • Will the cost of repairs be a better investment than a full replacement?
  • Is the pump making loud noises? The machinery could be growing old and malfunctioning.
  • Are the compressor, valves, or coils going out? It may be time to replace the unit altogether.
  • Is your energy bill going up? Your pump could be lacking efficiency and costing you extra money as a result.
  • Does your pump equally heat or cool down every area of your home or business? If not, it may be time to replace.

If your heat pump is undergoing serious repair issues, it may be time for a heat pump installation. Comfort Air Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to helping you walk through the replacement process.

We will provide the valuable service you need –- all you have to do is call (912) 712-4800 and schedule a time to meet with us for heat pump installation in Savannah!

Benefits of a Savannah Heat Pump Replacement

Although a heat pump installation can be costly upfront, a new heat pump can be beneficial not only to your comfort but in terms of energy savings, too.

The advantages of installing a newer heat pump model include:

  • Newer models are more energy-efficient with higher SEER rating
  • Heat pumps produce fewer carbon emissions, making them eco-friendly
  • The higher the efficiency, the higher the savings on your energy bills
  • New heat pump models have advanced features such as WiFi controls

If you have decided to replace your heat pump or AC unit, our Savannah HVAC company is eager to help with your heat pump installation. Our goal is to provide flexible options to fit your budget. We offer six-month interest-free payment plans as well as a revolving credit system. We know that each situation is unique and we are happy to help!

Contact us today at (912) 712-4800 to discuss different options for your heat pump replacement.

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