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Don’t Be Fooled by These HVAC Myths

March 26, 2019

By jdpp1

7 HVAC Myths

There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to using your HVAC system effectively and saving energy costs.The Comfort Air team wants to provide clarity when it comes to what is true and what is simply a myth.

Myth 1: Turning your AC off when you leave the house is a waste of energy.

It is a common thought that leaving your air on a higher temperature during the day is more efficient than turning it off completely. In reality, it always saves more energy to shut your system off when you are not using it. Tip! New programmable thermostats save energy by automatically turning your AC off when you leave and on before you return.

Myth 2: You only have to change the filter once a year.

A dirty filter clogs the system and reduces airflow. Clean or change your filter every few months while the system is operating. If you smoke, have a pet, or have allergies, your filter will likely need to be changed once a month.

Myth 3: The bigger the HVAC system, the better!

If you get a system that is too large, it will keep cycling on and off, which costs more money to operate and shortens the lifespan of the unit. Choose an HVAC system appropriate for your home and needs.

Myth 4: Close the vents in empty rooms to increase energy efficiency.

Closing vents can increase air pressure in the ducts, causing leaks at the vent seams. Leave your vents open to allow for proper airflow.

Myth 5: My thermostat’s location doesn’t affect heating and cooling.

Putting a thermostat too close to vents, radiators, and windows may cause the system to shut down prematurely or keep it running too long. We can recommend the optimal place for your thermostat in your home.

Myth 6: I don’t need routine maintenance.

Like your car, your HVAC is a complex mechanical system that needs annual tune-ups. Checking it can save you from major problems down the line. We provide AC maintenance service to keep your system running smoothly.

Myth 7: An energy-efficient unit will automatically reduce my bill.

It’s a good start, but if you’ve got leaky window seals and poor insulation, the HVAC equipment won’t be very effective.

Keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently is one of our top priorities. If you have been searching for “HVAC service near me, ” choose Comfort Air and schedule an appointment or tune-up today! Call us at (912) 712-4800.