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How Furnaces Actually Work: The Step-by-Step Process

October 26, 2022

By jdpp1

Your furnace is one of the most critical appliances in your home. It keeps you warm during the winter and helps to keep your energy bills low. But how does it work? In this blog, we will list the steps of how furnaces work so that you can have a better understanding of this essential appliance.

Key Furnace Components

  • The Burner: this is where the combustion process begins
  • The Heat Exchanger: this is what heats the air that circulates throughout your home
  • The Blower: this pushes the heated air through your ductwork and into your rooms
  • The Flue Pipe: this vents the fumes from the combustion process out of your home

How Your Furnace Actually Works

The first step is igniting the burner. The burner is fueled by either natural gas or propane, igniting with a tiny spark. Once the burner lights, the blower turns on and circulates air through the furnace.

The air that is circulating enters the heat exchanger. This is where the air gets heated up. The heat exchanger is a metal chamber that surrounds the burner. As the hot gases from the burning fuel pass through this chamber, they heat the metal walls of the room, which in turn heats the air passing through it.

Once the air has been heated, it moves into your ductwork and rooms through vents or registers. The air continues to circulate until the thermostat has been satisfied and tells the furnace to turn off.

The flue pipe connects to the heat exchanger. Its purpose is to vent the fumes from the combustion process out of your home. These fumes are dangerous and need to be vented outside so that you and your family can breathe safely.

Now that you know how furnaces work, you can better understand this essential appliance in your home and why it is really important to have regular maintenance performed on it. If you have any questions or concerns about your furnace, contact the professionals at Comfort Air Corporation for help. Visit our website at Stay warm this winter!