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Posts in November 2019

  • Christmas Trees and Your HVAC System
    November 26, 2019

    The Christmas season is in full swing. Before you begin decking the halls in your home, take a look at these holiday tips: Pick the safest spot for your tree Make sure your tree is not placed too close to a vent or other heating source. This presents a potential fire hazard making for a not-so-Merry Christmas. Care for Your Tree Real tree or artificial? If you are bringing home a real tree, make sure that it stays hydrated. Do the “Needle Test” before you bring it home. Needles should be flexible but not break. You should also be able to run your hands along the branch without needles falling off. If you have an artificial tree, dust it off before putting it up. Artificial trees that have been stored over a humid summer can develop mold causing poor indoor air quality. Get a Fresh Air Filter Changing your air filter is important all year-round but especially around the holidays. Change your filter before you decorate and check it weekly as long as your decorations are up. By changing your filter, you can maximize your unit’s life and hopefully avoid an HVAC installation this holiday season. Keep an Eye on Your Temperature If you have indoor plants or a real Christmas tree, turning up the heat can dry them out. This drying out process causes leaves and needles to fall right into your vents and affect your indoor air quality. Instead of constantly touching the thermostat, warm up by the fireplace or by baking some cookies for Santa. Get a Tune-up If you missed an Autumn tune-up, it is not too late! When you are looking for an “HVAC service near me,” call Comfort Air at (912) 712-4800. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Larry & Sandra White