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Posts in January 2022

  • Is Indoor Air Quality Important?
    January 4, 2022

    Since the average American spends 93% of their time indoors, indoor air quality is more important than ever. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to many illnesses, so taking steps to improve your air quality is important. Comfort Air is committed to helping you protect your family by managing your air quality and humidity. The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality According to the EPA, indoor air quality can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality. There are a variety of pollutants and irritants that could be present in your air without you being aware. For example, your home furnishings could be collecting mold, dust, and mildew, then releasing it into your breathing air. Also, some appliances can create chemical or smoke pollutants. There are several easy steps you can take to improve your air quality. ·        Change your Air Filters—Homeowners should change their air filters at least every three months. If you have pets or family members with allergies or respiratory conditions, we recommend changing your air filter every month. ·        Consider Air Purification Additions—The basic filter on your HVAC system is not good enough to improve your air quality. We offer a variety of air purification products that can help you reduce the contaminants and microbes present in your air. Our team would be happy to help you find the right ones for your home. ·        Manage your Humidity Levels—People often forget about humidity when it is not the summer. Too high of humidity in your home is unpleasant and harmful to your health, but too low humidity is equally problematic. The ideal home humidity is generally between 30-50%. During the winter season, too low of humidity could cause your family to have dry skin, especially on your lips, hands, and nose. Besides using way too much lip balm and lotion, you could also experience breathing issues, even more so if you already have respiratory issues. Too little humidity can also cause problems for your home and wooden furniture. Wood is more prone to cracking when the humidity is low. Too much humidity can cause health issues for your family as well by creating mold and mildew. If you are not sure about the humidity levels in your home, our team can evaluate them and let you know if the balance is ideal. We offer whole home humidifiers if your humidity levels are too low. If you have concerns about your humidity and indoor air quality, reach out to Comfort Air. We can evaluate your air quality and humidity to ensure your home is properly balanced. Your family’s health and comfort will be better when you make proper indoor air quality a priority.