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Posts in December 2021

  • Peace of Mind Protection Program
    December 8, 2021

    Did you know your HVAC system needs regular maintenance? Your HVAC system needs ongoing care to operate at peak capacity and reach its intended lifespan. The team at Comfort Air wants to help make your HVAC maintenance as simple as possible with our Peace of Mind Protection Program. Reasons to Prioritize HVAC Maintenance ·        Save Money—If your HVAC system is not properly maintained, the unit will not operate efficiently. An inefficient system costs you in the short term because of higher utility costs. The long-term impact could be that your system fails prematurely because of being overworked by running inefficiently. ·        Ensure Reliable Comfort—HVAC systems are the unsung heroes of your home’s comfort. We may not think much about them until they stop working. Proper maintenance will help ensure that your system is functioning properly when you need it, like in the blazing hot summer or the freezing winter. Benefits of The Peace of Mind Protection Program ·        Preserve the Life of Your System—Two maintenance checks are included in your plan to ensure that your system runs properly. An efficient and clean HVAC system will be more likely to reach its intended lifespan. ·        Enjoy Exclusive Discounts—When you enroll in our program, you become a priority customer. This means that you get a 15% off discount on parts and labor when a repair is needed. ·        Receive 24-Hour Emergency Service Without an Upcharge—Typically, customers are charged an overtime fee if the service falls outside of our normal business hours. As a preferred customer, this charge will not apply to you if you have to call for emergency service. Since HVAC systems can fail just as easily on a holiday or weekend, being our first priority without an additional cost is valuable. ·        Experience Peace of Mind—Your family’s comfort is important to us. A reliable HVAC system ensures that your family is as cool or as toasty as they want to be. When your HVAC system is serviced by our professional team, you can feel confident that your system is in good hands. But if your system does have an issue, you can have the peace of mind that your family will be our top priority. If you are ready to sign up for our Peace of Mind Protection Program, give the Comfort Air team a call. We are standing by to help you become a priority customer today!